Professional audio and lighting production -

JMC Productions can supply, set-up and operate any type of sound and lighting system in virtually any venue or location. Whether it be a small sound reinforcement system for speeches or background music or a large concert production system for festivals or live shows, you can be assured that the end result will be a great event.

Audio-visual -

If audio-visual is required, we can supply large or small screen systems with front or rear projection and high definition visuals. This can be paired with a sound system that suits the venue and audience size if required. The entire system can be tailor made to meet your requirements

Installation -

We offer an extensive installation service that caters to all types of permanent or semi-permanent requirements. Whether it’s an in-house background music or paging system, a high quality stage sound and lighting system, an automated audio-visual installation or any combination of these, we can custom design a system to meet your needs.

Live Recording -

If you would like to capture your live event for a permanent record, we offer various options for achieving this. From a simple stereo audio recording from the live desk to a separate multi-track audio and video capture, we can record your event for posterity! Choose to have your audio and video recordings supplied as data files to edit at your own leisure or utilise our post-production services for a complete and finished product.

    About Us

    Quality audio-visual-lighting design, production & installation.

    We take pride in the level of service provided and offer a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach!


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